Salmon River Camp

August 12-16 and August 19-23, 2019


Escape to the country for an adventure!

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In the last two weeks of August, we transport all 25 of our horses to the Central Nova Horse and Pony Equestrian facility just outside of Truro, Nova Scotia where they have enough stabling to accommodate all our horses and a fully equipped clubhouse where all our campers spend their time eating their meals.   

 Camp is open to any member over the age of 10. For members over 15, we offer leadership training and experience to help build valuable life skills.  


Both our horses and riders a chance to do some riding in the country! The grounds include a full cross country course and miles of trails through the woods, as well as riding rings to have lessons in. Campers stay in tents and leave their electronics behind! 

It is a wonderful opportunity to learn new riding and horse care skills, gain new riding experiences, and bond with other Lancers and make new friendships! The leadership training and experience offered to campers 15 years and older give them valuable life skills  



Lots of riding time!

Camp is a fantastic opportunity to gain new riding skills in a new environment. As "urban horseback riders", we don't often get the chance to experience the joy of riding under a canopy of trees nor ride outside without a fenced ring! Riders get 2-3 rides a day which will be a combination of trail rides, cross-country jumping, and lessons.  



Lots of learning!

Each camper will be assigned 1 or 2 horses to care for as if they were their own for the entire week. Camp is a great experience to get to know the unique side of your horse's personality. Salmon River is as much a camp for riders as it is for the horses who get to enjoy rural life! When not riding, riders spend free time learning about horse care and stable management.  



Lots of fun!

Campers will get the unique experience of sleeping in tents with 4-5 other campers. But don't worry, if the weather doesn't co-operate, there is a fully equipped club house with facilities and enough space for all campers.  

Three square meals a day plus snacks will ensure that no one goes hungry and everyone has plenty of energy to burn off!   Evenings are spent with camp fires, laughs, and lots of memory making!  

Please note: Salmon River camp is only open to current junior members over 10. Non-members are unable to register.