Lancer Alumni

Since 1936, many riders have passed through the stables and our programs to become Lancer alumni. 


The Lancer Alumni Community 

We are proud to have a strong alumni community of individuals who rode at Lancers as either children or adults. Our alumni community extends back over our eighty-three year history and is characterised by the ethos “once a Lancer, always a Lancer”. Whether you rode at Lancers for two years or 20 years, we welcome former Lancers to contact us and become part of our Lancer Alumni Community. 

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Give Back


Help continue the Lancer legacy and make a difference in the lives of Lancer horses and riders

Do you have fond memories of Lancers? Did being a Lancer and riding have a positive impact on your life? Do you feel inspired by your experience to give back to the Lancer community? As a not-for-profit, we greatly appreciate all donations of any amount that will go directly towards maintaining our historical organisation.

Please also consider sponsoring the retirement of a Lancer lesson horse!  Send a cheque addressed to us and write the name of the horse you wish to support in the “memo” line.



Alumni Events

We are dedicated to fostering and maintain our strong community of Lancer alumni through annual alumni events. At our October Open House and Musical Ride performance, we will host our Alumni Reunion gathering and at Christmas we will have our annual Christmas Alumni ride! The Alumni ride is the only time of the year when alumni can get back in the saddle so don’t miss it.

Christmas Alumni Ride - 2018


Christmas Alumni Ride (2017) 


Alumni Reunion (October, 2017) 


Christmas Alumni Ride (2016)


Featured Alumni

Many alumni feel that riding and their time as Lancers have inspired and influenced their life paths. Many former Lancers have gone on to have successful equestrian careers as riders, coaches, and veterinarians, and other careers that benefited from physical, intellectual, and emotional skills developed through riding. Through our Alumni Features, we celebrate their contributions to the world. More features are always coming soon!

Kevin Crosby (1960s) Evan Phinney (2001s) Alex Brisseau (2010s) Nina de l’Etoile (1989-1990s) Donna Maguire (1940s)

Lancer Stock

We are pleased to offer various merchandise items which can be ordered through the office. These include pens, greeting cards, hats, and the famous Lancer red polo.

Please email for more information.