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Member Handbook

Absence and Make-Up Policy

(Effective September 2017)

·  All riders should notify us by email if they will be absent (holidays and illnesses included). Contact office@bengallancers.com

·   To be eligible for a make-up ride, riders must provide 24 hours’ notice to the barn via email only. Riders must state their name and ride and the date they will miss. 

·  Junior Course riders are not eligible for make-up rides.

·  To book a make-up ride, riders should check the online make-up calendar on the members' section of the website and must contact the office by email stating which the date of the ride missed and which make-up ride they wish to book. 

·  The office is unable to check which rides are available for you and we will not notify you when an applicable make-up ride becomes available.

·   Riders can join a ride one level above or below. Adults and J riders can ride in other A or J rides respectively. 

·  Failure to provide 24hours notices will mean that riders cannot claim a make-up ride. 

·   Some exceptions may apply at the discretion of instructors.

·  Make-up rides do not roll over into the next riding year so make sure you use them by the end of July 2018. 


Adult Lease Agreement

Junior Lease Agreement

Co-Purchase Agreement