Support Our Stables


As a not-for-profit, Lancers greatly appreciates financial support and donations go directly towards maintaining our stables, horses, and top notch programming. Please consider donating to Lancers if you: 

have learned to ride because of Lancers,

have become a better person through Lancers,

have enjoyed one of our Musical Ride performances,

have found some joy in watching the horses playing in the paddock on their way to work,

have come through our doors for a tour,

have a child who has had a pony ride at our open house,

have stopped to watch our lessons,

hope to have a child ride at Lancers in the future,

never had to worry about where your teenagers were because they were always at Lancers,

feel your life has been forever changed by a horse,

believe in what we do,

we implore you to consider donating to help the horses of Halifax. These horses touch the lives of so many in our city and beyond. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for any amount you are willing to contribute.


Art Raffle

Our current fundraiser is an art raffle! Click here to find out more!



Help the Horses of Halifax and Support the Lancer Riding Program


Donations (payable to Halifax Junior Bengal Lancers) can be forwarded to the stables office at:

Halifax Junior Bengal Lancers

1690 Bell Road

Halifax, Nova Scotia

B3H 2Z3

As a not-for-profit, we cannot issue tax receipts. However, by donating to the Lucy Cuthbertson Memorial Fund or to our project held at the Nova Scotia Amateur Sport Trust Fund, you can receive a tax receipt. Contact us at with any questions.