Our Governance


We are a not-for-profit stable and are led by a Board of parents and riders. Our horses are owned by the club. Our Board of Directors is committed to the highest standard of governance. Our Board is comprised of adult riders and parents of our junior members, all of whom are elected by our membership for a three-year term. Our Board mandate includes guiding the strategic direction of Lancers, developing and implementing club policy, maintaining our financial stability, and ensuring the preservation of our historic building.



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President           Suzanne Ramsey  (1)(5)(6)
Past President     Tamzen Black (1)(5)
Vice President     Mary Anne Persaud (1)(5)
Treasurer            Michelle Edmonds (6)
Secretary             Renée Lutwick (8)

Angie Holt - Barn Manager and Head Instructor (1)(2)(3a)(3c)(5)(6)(7)(8)

Directors at Large

Victoria Bell (4)

Helga Cunningham (1)(2)(7)

Sandra Chaisson (3)

James Nicholson (2)(3c)

Carmel O’Keefe (3)(7)

Réal Clarke (3)(3b)

Richard Withington (6)

(1)    Programming Committee

(2)    Facility Committee

(3)    Fundraising Committee

(3b) Downtown Horse Show Committee

(3c) Wine Tasting and Silent Auction Committee

(4)    Communications Committee

(5)    Human Resource Committee

(6)    Finance Committee

(7)     Therapeutic Riding Committee

(8) Pony Club Directors



All committees are comprised of board members and volunteers from our membership. Our Board leads the following active committees:

  • A programming committee that deals with all operational concerns and programming

  • A facility committee that ensures our stable is in good repair and coordinates our annual clean- up

  • A fundraising committee that leads all fundraising events throughout the year

  • A communications committee that leads our internal and external communications

  • A Human Resource committee that deals with all staffing matters

  • A finance committee that deals with our financial reporting and developing our annual budget

  • A Therapeutic riding committee that deals with therapeutic programming

  • Pony Club Directors who deal with all programming and matters pertaining to the Lancer Pony Club