Adult Beginner Course 

Providing a well-rounded and high quality introduction to riding and horsemanship for adults over the age of 16


Program Details 


The Adult Beginner Course is designed for riders with little to no riding experience. For riders wishing to join Lancers and who can already walk, trot, and canter unaided, please see our Adult Membership page. The Adult Beginner Course is a 12 week program which teaches the basics of horsemanship, riding, and being a Lancer. Adults of all ages will learn groom, tack up, ride and take care of the horse and stables. Once complete, riders will have the option to join our adult membership. Lessons are taught by NCCP and Equine Canada certified instructors. For individuals with riding experience and can walk, trot, and canter independently, see our Adult Membership page.


More than Just Riding Skills


Our Course teaches not only the basics of horse riding but also the basics of horsemanship. As Course participants, you will learn how to properly groom a horse, pick out a stall, clean tack, and maintain a clean a barn! Riders arrive a half hour prior to their lesson to get their mount groomed and tacked up for their lesson. Lessons will be one hour long. This hour can be mounted or unmounted depending on the Instructor’s lesson plan. After their lesson, riders are responsible for making sure their horse is put away properly, tack cleaned and the aisle is swept clean. Each group is also assigned a chore to complete. This can be cleaning a water bucket, cleaning a common space, picking out a stall, feeding hay or any other chore that may need to be done that day!

Upon Completion

At the end of the 12 week course, you will have over 24 hours of horse experience. Riders will be able to properly take care of their horse and equipment as well as able to ride at the walk and trot and the early stages of cantering. Once the course has been completed, participants will have the option to become members of the Halifax Lancers and will not have to rejoin the waitlist. We look forward to welcoming you to our Lancer community! 



Program Highlights 

  • $500 for twelve week course (tax included)

  • One lesson/week

  • Teaches riding, horsemanship, and basic horse care skills

  • Option to enter Adult Membership upon completion

  • Equine Canada and NCCP qualified instructors

  • First Aid certified and skilled barn monitors





The Adult Beginner Course usually runs once a year, often in September. Enrollment is limited to eight riders per course and is on a first come, first served basis. Due to the popularity and strong reputation of the Lancer Adult Beginner Course, there is a waitlist. As best practice, once registration opens in June, we move down the waitlist and offer spaces to individuals in order. If you have not yet been contacted, there has not been space yet for you to register. The autumn 2019 session is now full. The next adult beginner course will run when spaces becomes available in our schedule and we will contact individuals at the top of our waitlist to register.


Equipment Requirements 

ASTM approved helmets are required. Boots with a hard sole and a half-inch heel as well as a comfortable pair of long pants are required for comfort and safety. Lancers provides grooming kits for each horse.