The Musical Ride

Horsemanship, Spectacle, and History all tied into one


The Lancer Musical Ride was established in 1936 and is an exciting display of tradition, power, finesse and comradery. Modeled after the world famous RCMP Musical Ride, our ride is made of of young riders between the ages of 8 and 17. Our Musical Ride has been an integral part of what we do at Lancers since the beginning garnering national and international acclaim. Our Musical Ride is the only mounted youth performance of its kind in Canada.


Sixteen horses and riders dressed in uniform perform intricate movements choreographed to music. The carefully executed movements require a high degree of equitation skills along with mastery of timing, control and coordination. We offer public performances free of charge in our riding ring across the street from Citadel Hill twice a year; on Canada day and our fall open house. In addition to our home performances our Musical Ride has performed at many venues away from home around the province and as far away as Toronto and Boston! In 2017, the Lancer Musical was the opening performance for the RCMP Musical Ride on the Garrison Grounds.

The Musical Ride is team-work at its finest in a non-competitive setting. It speaks volumes of our horses’ good nature as they develop skills beyond what is expected of a typical lesson horse.