The Lancer Volunteering Community


For the Horses; For Each Other


Being a member of the Halifax Lancers is more than just learning to ride; it is about learning to become good horse-people and working together to ensure our horses have the best care possible. This care takes many different forms. Caring for our horses before, during and after lessons is obvious and expected but, we must also take care of the barn, the place these horses and many of us call home. Every member is expected to do their part to help ensure the Halifax Lancers remain a strong organization for future generations.  

Lancers is a unique community comprised of current members, their families, and our alumni. We are also lucky enough to have the greater Halifax community as friends as well. We encourage on our community to help us with events throughout the year and rely on the donated time and effort of everyone to keep this incredible place going. Volunteering at Lancers provides an array of jobs for parents, siblings and riders: everything from running our canteens and BBQ’s, finding sponsorship for our Downtown Horse Show, helping out with our bi-annual clean ups, participating in committees and much more.  

Maintaining the Place We Call “Home”


Without the help of our members and their families we would not be able to keep our doors open. The fundraising efforts of our membership are our major source of funding. We try to keep fees as low as possible to keep this sport accessible to everyone who wants to participate. In order for us to be able to offer these services at the price we do, we must be able to raise a significant portion of our operating costs in order to stay open.   

Our community is very generous with their time and efforts in ensuring this place stays around for many years to come. Without this, we would not exist. For this reason, the volunteering aspect of our membership is integral to being a Lancer. Any and all donations of time or funds are appreciated and go much further than you can imagine. We invite members to become active participants and if they see a need, to contact the office so together we can try to remedy it. There are opportunities to volunteer throughout the year and we have provided a list of events and job descriptions. If there is a job not listed or special skill you bring to the table that would help improve any aspect of Lancers, please do not hesitate to offer whatever you think can help! Together, we can find you a volunteer contribution that fits your skills, interests, and time commitment. 

We strive to have a community that truly feels like a second home to our members and their families. We take great pride in who we are as Lancers and what being such a visible part of the greater Halifax Community entails. We hope that all members feel included, needed, and valued.  

Lancers thanks you.