Horse Shows



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Horse shows are one of the best ways to become a better rider. More experience in the ring under different circumstances helps you and your horse learn to communicate clearly in order to execute the task at hand. Riders at Lancers will have opportunities throughout the year to participate in at home “training shows” and in the late spring to early fall we have the opportunity to compete against local barns all around the province. We encourage riders who want to show to sign up for training shows first. This is the best way for riders to begin to learn the ropes for showing!

Off-Property Shows

Once riders have some training show experience under their belts, they can look at going to off property shows. Riders interested in showing off property must attend the show meeting (juniors, with their parents) in early Spring. Riders who cannot attend this meeting must send a proxy. Riders are expected to sign up for shows they wish to attend. We strive to have everyone who wants to show be able to show as long as our instructors think they are ready. This means that more often than not, riders are sharing a horse. This is especially helpful when we can pair a less experienced rider with a more experienced rider. This also helps keep costs down as the riders will split the trailering fees.


For Everyone

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We do not have a designated age that riders must be in order to show off property. The decision to show off property is made by consulting the instructors, barn manger, rider and parents to ensure everyone is ready for the responsibility of taking a horse off property. Additionally, it will depend on the kinds of classes offered at the show and the rider’s level of experience.

The show meeting will provide much of the information required for showing. You will find below links to our Showing FAQ, general show packing list and what to expect on show day!

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