Welcoming back Lancer Alumni from the Past Five Decades!

We had such a wonderful time on December 27th welcoming back our Lancers for our annual Christmas ride! We were thrilled to have alumni from over the past five decades (1970s-2017)!! A highlight for many was getting back some moves with Musical Ride drills. After their rides, alumni gathered in the Mitchell Room for some warmth and refreshments! We are so proud to have such a strong alumni network and are thankful that our alumni still feel so connected to us regardless of the years that have passed. It rings true: once a Lancer, always a Lancer.

At the ride, we asked alumni to tell us about their favourite Lancer memory which included:

•“Riding outside on hot summer days in the sprinklers and Musical Ride 2016 at the Fall Fair”
•“Pony Club Saturday mornings with Bambi and Bambino! My best memories are all about the lovely community that Lancers has and teaches everyone to give and help others!!”
•“Riding Babe in my first training show my second year at Lancers”
•“Volunteering with the therapeutic riding program (summer 1996)”
•“Taking Giquau to his first downtown horse show”
•“It is hard to choose just one!”
•“Musical Ride”
•“Riding Chevy in the Musical Ride and dealing with his foolishness”
•“Showing Sparkie”
•“Riding bareback in the sprinklers with Babe”

Favourite horses included: 
•Curious George 

Janet Hawley