Junior Executive

Youth Leading Youth


The Junior Executive is a youth-led initiative that allows our Junior members to contribute to the Lancer organization in ways that are meaningful to them. They organize several fund raisers throughout the year, as well as some fun days to help boost community spirit.  


Each year Junior Executive holds elections to determine who will be President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. A ride rep is selected from each ride to attend meetings and inform the rest of their ride. Together decisions are made about what types of fund raisers to hold and how the funds raised will be spent.  They organize canteens at horse shows, and do one direct sales fundraiser each year. Some of the fun days of the past have included Pizza parties, Bowling, Halloween haunted houses, and decorating the barn for Christmas. 

The Junior Executive helps members engage with the organization on a deeper level, as well as teaching valuable leadership skills, how to run effective meetings, and is a way for even our youngest members to have their voices heard. Junior Executive also engages in projects helping the community at large which helps to create better citizens of the world. This is a fun-filled way to get to know others at the barn and make a difference! 


Giving Back to the Community

A fundamental element of our “Lancer spirit” is helping those around you. Our Lancer community endeavours to give back to the people of Halifax through fundraising and collecting donations for organisations like Feed Nova Scotia. By being stewards of the Horses of Halifax, we also try to share the joy of having these big kind and beautiful animals in our city. 

Helping Feed Nova Scotia