Our Horses 


Our horses and ponies are well suited to serve all abilities ranging from beginners to more experienced riders. At Lancers, each of our horses are loved. We teach our riders to care for horses with high standards of horsemanship, stable management, and compassion, making Lancers not only strong riders but good horse people. In turn, our horses teach us great lessons in respect, discipline, and perseverance. 

As a not-for-profit, Lancers owns a total of twenty six horses. Being located in the centre of the city, our horses greet many visitors and friends. We are proud to share with the public what have become affectionately known as the “Horses of Halifax”. 

 In addition, the Halifax Regional Police board their two horses at Lancers. Sarge and Valour can be seen on patrol throughout the city as well as taking part in special events.  

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Bellatrix - “Bella”

Bella is one of the newest members of our family as she came to Lancers in the spring of 2017.  Bella was born in 2004, and is a registered Paint mare. Bella has already become a barn favorite, being very fun to ride and has an in-your-pocket-personality. 


Beyond Elegance - “Jakey”

Owned by Caroline Fernandez and Suzanne Ramsey, Jakey is a 2009 gelding, and is one of the horses that will greet you with a happy face when you first walk into Lancers. He and Caroline compete in high level jumper competitions throughout the province.


Broadway - “Rockette”

Rockette is an Appendix Quarter Horse born in 2008. Rockette is named after the famed dancers because of her elegant movement. Rockette is a favourite of many riders as she is forgiving but has high expectations of her rider. She is a fabulous teacher!


Call it a Day - “Jacob”

Our biggest horse being a Clyde TB cross (no surprise) standing at 17.1 hands high! He was born in 2002, and despite his size, Jacob is truly a gentle giant. Jacob is known for being somewhat slow with a short stride, but he still does his job well and has taught many of our riders the importance of pace on course!


Child’s Play - “Jake”

Jake is our oldest and smallest pony measuring at 12.1 hands high. Being in his 20’s, Jake has been around the block a few times and is used in our beginner rides and junior lessons as well as Therapeutic Riding.

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Deniro - “Bobbi”

Bobbi is very versatile and is used often in lessons for rides 2-7. He is even used in camp occasionally. He can be strong and wilful at times, but he still has a kind soul with much to teach.

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GQ - “Giquau”

GQ is one of our younger horses in the barn, born in 2011. Giquau is a big lovable guy with an old soul. He is very willing and powerful, but is also happy to take things slowly. He has begun a modest showing career and is in our Musical Ride.


Heidi - “Heidi”

Another one of our superstar beginner horses.  Heidi is a true chestnut mare; she can do it all but she will do it on her own time! She knows her job and she can execute it perfectly every time, if we just let her!! This makes Heidi a favourite of a lot of younger riders; she’s a great confidence booster!


Inga - “Inga”

Inga, born in 2006, is our resident vaulting horse and is fabulous at it. She is often used in both camp and younger rides as she is very forgiving, but still has a need for speed when she goes out with older rides. She is one of our more difficult horses to ride has she can be stubborn sometimes, but it feels quite rewarding when you figure her out! Her gentle nature makes her a perfect horse for our Therapeutic Riding Program.


King of the Jungle - “Simba”

Even in his late teens, Simba’s still got a lot of spunk. Simba loves to jump, and to be the center of attention. Simba has proudly taken many of our riders around their first course of jumps and shown them just how fun it can be!


King Rupert - “Rupert”

Rupert lives up to his name as he is often seen with his held high. He was born in 2004 and is doing very well in the Jumper ring and has a large following of fans. His quirky personality and eagerness makes him a favourite in the barn. Rupert even has his own Instagram account. Follow him at @kingrupert__


Oliver Twist - “Oliver”

Oliver is another one of our Clyde crosses. Oliver was born in 2008, and is one of our more capable mounts in the barn. His sweet personality and versatility make him a favourite to ride both on the flat and jumping. He has been to many horse shows and even participated in a George Morris Clinic with our Head Coach, Angie Holt.


Ollivander - “Ollie” 

Ollie is another one of the youngsters and was born in 2012. Ollie came to us when he was not yet 4 and has already learned a lot within this time. He is one of our horses who travels to horse shows and we can’t wait to see what his future has in store. Ollie is on his way to being a wonderful beginner pony!

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Point Taken - “Punkin”

Punkin is one of our older mounts and she has done everything from competing in the large pony hunters to being a trusted Therapeutic Riding mount. She is used in our beginner lessons, adult and junior rides, and camp, and is loved for her smooth trot.


PS I Love You - “Rainey”

Rainey is a 2006 TB/Draft/Paint mare. She has a very cuddly personality and is always happy to greet new people. She goes out in our intermediate and advanced rides and is loved by many. Rainey is starting her career in the hunters which is a challenge for her riders as she can be speedy. We see a bright future for Rainey in our Therapeutic Riding program as well as being a fabulous lesson horse.

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Purely Gold - “Ben” 

Ben’s show name comes from his heart of gold and steady nature. He was born in 2005 and is a barn favourite! Instructors and riders alike love Ben for his steady-eddy nature and willingness. His heart of gold makes Ben the ideal mount for our Therapeutic Riding program where he has earned the nickname “Gentle Ben”.


Roadtrip - “Chevy”

Born in 2006, Chevy truly has a puppy dog personality.  He is another one of our Clyde x TB crosses. Chevy is also half-brother to our big guy, Jacob. Chevy has developed his very own fan club here in the barn as he is a fun and versatile mount suitable for beginners to even our most advanced riders!


Sashay - “Shay” ­

Shay is our latest addition at Lancers.  She is a pretty black mare born in 2012, and she’s not afraid of anything. Catching on quickly, she recently learned to jump! She is quickly becoming a barn favourite, teaching even the youngest riders the ropes.

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Shrek - “Bud”

 Bud, also known as “Mr. Wonderful”, is one of our most reliable and coveted mounts. He is a Clyde x TB and stands at 17 hands high, making him the second largest in the barn. Born in 2000, he is a leader in our Musical Ride, and has taken many riders to their first horse show, first rider level, and even first canter or jump. Bud is a favourite of riders young and old and is often relied on to take care of some of the more timid riders despite his size. He recently joined our roster of Therapeutic Riding horses as well.

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Sirius Black - “Mato”

Mato is a 2014 gelding who originally made his way to Nova Scotia from Gemany. Mato is a fantastic lesson horse prospect. Our head coach works closely with Mato and all his riders as we begin to develop this young horse. He is extremely kind, level-headed, and a pleasure to work with. Mato is the perfect young horse to teach our riders how to not only ride, but also train horses.


Tootsie Roll - “Tootsie”

Tootsie is an adorable and sassy Newfoundland pony. Now a hunter, in a past life Tootsie was a western 4H pony. Tootsie is known as the teacher’s pet! While Tootsie qualifies as one of our beginner mounts, she does like to show her pony side and has some lessons of her own to teach!


Toute de Suite - “Sadie”

Sadie is a Paint/Clyde cros and has a vibrant palomino coat. Sadie is speedy and loves to jump. Although she is a challenging horse to ride she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body and is still quite safe. She loves to greet all visitors who come through the door.


Sweet Sensation - “Candy”

Candy is a 2001 Halflinger X Anglo-Arab mare. She came to us with a wealth of experience in all things including Pony Club, and fox hunting! She is now adapting to life in the city and is proving to be a wonderful addition to our lessons. She is safe yet challenging, and teaches riders how to handle a horse on the hotter side.


Velocity - “Reese”

Reese is a Warmblood Thoroughbred Cross born in 2009. He is known for being a bit of a klutz but his big heart makes up for it. He is very kind and is a valued teacher for both beginners and more advanced riders. He is one of our Musical Ride leaders.


Wonderland - “Alice”

Alice is a Clyde Thoroughbred cross mare born in 2003. She is one of our resident schoolmasters, having competed in competitions as far away as Quebec and even Florida. Although she is a trusted mount for our beginner riders, she still loves to have her fun with the advanced rides.