*We regret to inform you that the stables are temporarily closed while horses recover from an illness* 

For more information on our current situation, please see our Facebook page. We wish to thank the equestrian and Halifax communities for their support and best wishes. 

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Welcome to the Halifax Junior Bengal Lancers

 Atlantic Canada's premiere riding school since 1936

The Halifax Junior Bengal Lancers (Lancers) is a not-for-profit equestrian school in downtown Halifax that was established in 1936 to enable "city children" to experience the benefits and joy of riding horses. 

Lancers runs both junior and adult lesson programs and since the 1960s, has been home to a therapeutic riding program. Junior riders under the age of 18 can participate in the "rides" of the junior membership, summer camps, beginner courses, competitive shows, Pony Club, extra curricular activities like our Junior Executive Council, and of course, the famous Lancer Musical Ride. Adult riders over 18 can participate in lessons ranging from beginner to advanced classes and a variety of extra-curricular activities. 

Halifax Junior Bengal Lancer instructors are qualified under the NCCP program, and many of our riders follow the Equine Canada Rider Level Program.

Lancers is known as a welcoming and strong community. Our weekly "features" illustrate our mutual affection and respect for the horses and one another. Lancers strives to develop educated, skilled, and well-rounded horse people and encourages each rider to foster a sense of discipline, responsibility, empathy, and care for others, be it animal or fellow community members. 


Since its founding in 1936, the Halifax Junior Bengal Lancers has brought life and character to central Halifax through its stables, horseback riding performances, and honour guards.  

Lancers' current location on Bell Road was built in 1908 and is designated as a heritage site. The site has been used as a stable since its creation and became home to Lancers in 1942.

Lancers and the facilities are integral parts of Halifax’s prime tourist area that includes such historic sites as the Public Gardens and Citadel Hill. We are proud to be Haligonians. 


These days, the world moves very quickly. The time spent here at Lancers on the back of a horse helps me to slow down and to appreciate what really matters in life. It brings me infinite joy.
— Lancer adult rider