Our Featured Horse of the Month is Heidi


Heidi is Chestnut mare and is an older gal. She came to us as a veteran school horse having served as a school horse for many years at Rolling Hills Stables in Wolfville and has now been at Lancers for around five years.

She is a large pony and is used in our beginner and intermediate rides. She is a wonderful horse for teaching riders the value of having soft hands. She is one of our more forward beginner horses and she also loves to jump. She is always favourite pick for our training shows.


Heidi is used regularly in our beginner course, summer camps, Prince Philip Games, and pony rides at our autumn Open House. She is however not a part of our Musical Ride because one of her quirks is that she doesn’t like it when other horses get to close to her. Chestnut mares have a reputation for being sassy and this is one place where it shows up in Heidi.

Even when we use her in our regular lessons, when riding are riding in a ride, she is almost always our designated caboose so no other horses are behind her. Despite this quirk, she is a very safe mount and has wonderful barn manners. Heidi is also known for having a best friend in the barn and is almost always thought of being together with her friend Bobbi.

With our next beginner course starting next week, we are sure that Heidi will be gaining many new fans!