Our Featured Rider of the Month is Sonja Saksida!

image2 (1).jpeg

Sonja is one of our adult riders who rides with us on Thursday nights. She started riding with us in 2014 but rode sporadically here and there prior to coming to Lancers.

She is grateful for coming to Lancers where she can learn proper techniques in both riding and horse care. Her favourite part about Lancers is the location. She exclaimed, “a riding school in the middle of the city —fantastic!” After riding here for a year, she relocated to another province but we were very happy to see her walk through our doors again in the spring. Returning in the spring right before our quarantine, meant that Sonja hasn’t had too much of a chance to get re-involved in the Lancer community but she hopes to do so more.


While Sonja enjoys her lessons, she also really treasures the “calm and happiness [she] feels when [she] walks into the barn and starts to interact with the horses”. While she loves every horse she rides and always likes the one she is currently riding, she does have a real soft spot for Reese. She partly attributes this to the fact that they both have suffered broken noses as a result of a horse interaction! Something we really appreciate about Sonja is that she is always happy to try a different horse and give anything a go!

Sonja’s riding experience at Lancers shall be valuable in preparation for her future goal of doing a riding trip in Mongolia! When not riding, Sonja loves to play tennis, mountain and road biking, and traveling!

Here is Sonja at Lancers, on a horseback safari in Botswana, and trail riding in the Yukon!

Janet Hawley