Our Featured Horse of the Month is Alice!


This month we have chosen Alice as our featured horse of the month and for anyone who knows her, it will be clear why! Alice, whose show name is Wonderland, is most certainly a wonder and is a very special horse.

Alice is a fifteen-year-old Clyde-thoroughbred cross mare. She is bay with an eye catching a white blaze. Few lesson barns can boast having a school horse like Alice. Alice has been at Lancers since 2008 and has been used for Musical Ride, lessons, and on and off-property shows. She came to be a Lancer horse with the help of a rider here who helped with her purchase and then part leased her at Lancers for a number of years. This rider took Alice from a Green youngster all the way to such prestigious shows as Bromont International and the Winter Equestrian Festival in Florida.

Alice and Julia.jpg

In more recent years, Alice has also been used for our junior beginner course and our beginner summer camp, and she has always been a favourite with both our junior and adult riders. Alice is always our instructors' go-to horse if a rider needs a little extra confidence. If Alice had a super power it would be the ability to make anyone who works with her look good.

While Alice may not like her girth, she LOVES jumping! Her face seems to light up the moment she sees a jump in her path. Alice is unique and has a wonderful disposition; she is steady, very trustworthy, and isn’t spooky. She has always been friendly and simply has a heart of gold.

We are so fortunate to have Alice!

Janet Hawley