Simba is our Featured Horse of the Month!


Simba is a grey appaloosa gelding who is just a little bit too tall to be a pony and is almost 20 years old. He gets along really well with other horses and is often the first horse we introduce to new horses entering the barn. He has so many admirers and loves to greet visitors on the fence line.

He does all things very well but he is also very clever and will always test his riders just a little bit to see what he can get away with on any given day. He would rather he lead you around the barn than you lead him!


He is used in our junior and adult programs and our summer camps. He has also been in our Musical Ride for many years. He does the most wonderful walk to canter transitions and can make a rider learning to canter feel like a superstar. He is always a popular choice for any of our training shows. Simba has helped many people earn their rider levels from level 1 all the way to level 6! However, he can be a bit quirky and over jump obstacles that might be a little imposing which means he makes a great teacher for kids learning to jump.

We are so grateful for all the service Simba has given us so far and are happy that he remains quite feisty even though he is aging. He is in excellent health is still happy doing his job. Simba is excited to get back to lessons next week!