Our Featured Horse for July is Rainey!

Rainey is an eleven-year-old mare. She came to Lancers from New Brunswick in September 2015 and has been a barn favourite ever since! She is half thoroughbred, a quarter paint, and a quarter draft and her unique colouring is called skewball, commonly known as a paint. Rainey was originally named Nor Easter, a weather-related term, but recently we have considered changing her name to “PS I Love You” because she is affectionately known in the barn as “poop stains”.

Rainey is used in our adult and junior rides and is part-leased by one of our adult riders. Though incredibly sweet and kind, she can be a challenge to ride because she can be speedy! Rainey has also stepped right into the Musical Ride and is even used for Pony Club Prince Philip Games and pony rides at our October open house. Her patience and sensible attitude mean that she will likely one day also join our therapeutic riding program.

When she came to Lancers, Rainey didn’t even know how to canter under saddle but she has since learned so much and is now a regular top pick at all of our horse shows! Rainey is one of our barn favourites because she is an incredibly kind mare and patiently stands for her many, many baths. She may be small but she is certainly mighty!

Janet Hawley