Our Featured Horse of the Month is Jacob!


Jacob has the Lancer claim to fame of being our biggest horse by standings at 17.1hh. For his lumbering stature, he is affectionately known as Dino and Yak. Last year he was even used for measurements by a NSCAD student for a full scale sculpture! He is sixteen years old and is a bay Clyde-thoroughbred cross. Another fun-fact is that Jacob is the half-brother to Chevy! Jacob has been at Lancers for over ten years. Despite his size, he occupies a smaller stall in the barn which he absolutely loves. He loves being able to stick his head out and greet all his fans!

During his time here at Lancers, Jacob has gone to horse shows and competed in the hunters up to 2’9”. Jacob teaches his riders the importance of pace and this year he even did his first jumper division at a horse show.



When not in the show ring, Jacob has been a prized Musical Ride horse since he arrived and has also been a leader. He is regularly used in both adult and junior rides. He is gentle giant in the barn but still presents a challenge to even our most advanced riders in the ring. Jacob has certainly stolen hearts over the years. In fact, the mother of one former junior member who used to lease Jacob has already claimed Jacob for his retirement! Until then, all of our Lancers will continue to enjoy our big giant!

Janet Hawley