Our Featured Adult Rider of the Month is Katherine Stratton

We’re pleased to be featuring Katherine Stratton as our featured adult rider of the month because she is one of our newest riders and has already jumped right into the Lancer community. Although Kat rode between the ages of seven and eleven in Belgium, she started at Lancers in September in the adult beginner course. It has been great to watch Kat’s riding skills improved so much over the year and she now rides in A2.

In that short time, Kat has participated in Lancer activities such as the Groundwork clinic which she said was a great experience. She volunteered her time at “Spruce up the Barn Day” in the spring where she took on the tough task of cleaning the bathrooms!  Kat is looking forward to volunteering this weekend at the Downtown Horse Show.

Kat always makes sure to ride for fun although one day she would like to do a horse show for a personal challenge! The best part about Lancers, according to Kat, is that “everyone talks to everyone no matter their age or background. We’re all just here for the love of horses”. She added that she is impressed with the instructors here and the emphasis on safety.

Her favourite horse is Zero: “I like his sensitive and quirky personality but I also really like Peter and Bud - I would feel bad not mentioning them!” Even though Kat has only been at Lancers for a year, she already has too many favourite memories. One that came to mind was her first time cantering a course over poles! She was riding Heidi for the first time and it went really well!

When Kat isn’t riding or volunteering at Lancers, she enjoys listening to music and reading (currently mystery novels have captured her interest).

Thanks, Kat, for being a display of a great Lancer! We can’t wait to see you back in the saddle in September!

Here is Kat last night riding Peter


Janet Hawley