Our Featured Volunteer of the Month is Regan Chapman


 Regan is mum to two Lancers, Mia in Ride 2 and Esmee in Ride 4, and is our featured volunteer of the month. As a Lancer parent, Regan has volunteered with various tasks around the stables from helping with shavings deliveries to exam proctoring for rider levels and Pony Club testing to “Spruce up the barn” days. As her children are growing up and have become more independent she has been able to volunteer her time more. Compared to other volunteer experiences in her life, Regan loves the physical work at the stables. She added, “there is something about it that keeps you very connected to the community you are helping”. When not volunteering, Regan enjoys watching the junior riders have fun with Pony Club games.

Regan grew up on a farm and rode when she was a child. When she moved to Halifax as a young adult, she rode at Lancers for a few years. Now she only gets to ride while on holiday with her children but that means that she has had some pretty spectacular rides! It is clear that horses run in the family. Although he isn’t her top choice of a horse she would ride, Merlin is her favourite Lancer horse because she finds him so beautiful. 


For Regan, the best part about Lancers is that she loved growing up around horses and is very glad that her children get to do that even though they live in the heart of the city, and get to do it in a charming historic building too. Of Lancers, Regan proclaimed, “It is a great community that helps to build strong kids and future adults. And you get to do it with horses. It can’t get any better”.

Thank you, Regan, for your help and volunteerism throughout our community.

Janet Hawley