Our Featured Horse for June is Oliver!

Oliver is a playful nine-year-old Clyde - thoroughbred cross. He is a “bay”, which means he is brown with a black mane and tail, and has a white blaze and some white socks! Lancers has been lucky enough to own Oliver for five years when he came as a four-year-old.

Oliver is definitely a barn favourite and is one of our horses that our junior riders can aspire to ride! Often we have to sacrifice quality in favour of safety for our school horses but Oliver embodies both quality and safety. He is level-headed and safe; it is just his big movement that makes him less suitable for our beginner riders. Since this can make him a challenging horse to ride, we tend to keep him for our advanced rides. Junior riders love it when their skills have developed enough so that they can finally ride Oliver!

It is little wonder then that each spring squabbles always arise over who gets to show Oliver! His scopey jump and automatic lead changes make him fun to compete on the hunter circuit. Oliver even won a class at the Maritime Fall Fair last year!

Beyond horse shows, Oliver has led our Musical Ride, was a favourite on the trails at Salmon River camp, and was even ridden by Paul Halpern in the 2015 Paul Halpern clinic!

Here is Jill on Oliver just last weekend at the Coveside Training Day, Oliver with Paul Halpern, and Dominique who took some Prom photos with Oliver last year!

Janet Hawley