Our Featured Junior Rider of the month is Amy Withington!

Amy has been riding for 10 years, all of which have been at Lancers, and she now rides in Ride 1. During those years, Amy has been very active. While not riding, she is currently the President of Junior Executive and works as a barn monitor. She has worked as a camp counsellor for both our summer day camp and our overnight Salmon River camp. Having recently become an NCCP certified instructor, Amy is now also one of our instructors at Lancers. In 2016, she was one of our leaders in the musical ride and she won the Sarah Louise Smith trophy awarded to the junior rider who is most involved in Lancer activities. On top of her dedication to Lancers, Amy is much adored, especially by the younger Lancers who very much enjoy working with her.

Amy jumping Reese 

Amy jumping Reese 

Even though Amy has had many favourite Lancer horses over the years, her current favourite is Reese with whom she plans on competing with this summer! When asked for her favourite memory of Lancers, Amy replied, “I have so many!” She recalled: “one was my first training show with Inga doing cross rails. I think I was nine and I remember being so nervous. Inga, for some reason, had a lot of energy that day and we ended up winning the class!” Another memory was her first show with Reese because she was so happy with how well he behaved.

Amy is graduating in June and will be embarking on her next adventure at university. In her future, she hopes to keep riding and maybe even have her own horse one day. Thinking upon this next chapter of her life, Amy shared that Lancers taught her not only to ride but gave her the opportunity to find her passion for working with kids and teaching, a career she is thinking of pursuing. Amy concluded by sharing what makes Lancers so unique: “I love riding at Lancers because it is where I grew up, because of all the amazing friends and coaches that I love, and because we for sure have the best horses around!”

Thank you, Amy, for contributing so much to the Lancer community over the past ten years.