Our Featured Horse of the Month is Reese!

Reese is our featured horse of the month and he is well-known at Lancers, particularly for his long legs. The junior riders at Lancers affectionately call him Swan because of his long neck! Reese is a thoroughbred and is turning eight this year. He is ridden by children and adults and while he is a big powerful horse, he is also very respectful when he has a beginner on his back. The junior riders particularly like his sweet personality, the fact that he is very willing, and that he will always try whatever you ask. Saskia, one of our stablehands, really likes Reese because he is very well-mannered and wants to please. He is never pushy and is good with his blankets. Saskia noted, “he is one of the easiest horses to work with in the barn”! Reese can be a little bit accident prone but he seems to be growing out of it. Sometimes he gets himself in trouble with the other horses while he is turned out. Even though he is a tad accident prone, he is always an excellent patient. He has taught many children first aid skills! He is one of the few horses who we try NOT to take on the trails at Salmon River because he is far too excitable. He also doesn’t appreciate car doors slamming at home. Reese has led our Musical Ride and he has done many off-property horse shows. With his show name Velocity, he has shown up to 2’9” with some very impressive winnings including reserve champion at the Coveside training days in the 2’6” hunters with more than 20 other horses competing. That championship was with Amy Withington who, almost exactly a year ago, we featured as our Junior Rider of the Month and who, we are very happy to say, has just returned from her first year at McGill and has rejoined Lancers as an J-rider!

Janet Hawley