Our Featured Adult Rider for February is Wanda Gerstenberger

Like many of our adult riders, Wanda began riding later on in life. She has been riding at Lancers for the past six years and thoroughly enjoys her lessons twice a week. Wanda used to own a horse but she wanted to continue riding at Lancers because, as she says, she “just loves it here”. Her favourite horse is Alice. During her time at Lancers, Wanda has volunteered for night hay and Christmas fundraisers.

Wanda with Alice!

Wanda with Alice!

Her favourite part of Lancers is...well she couldn’t choose just one. She loves the horses and the sense of comradery. Wanda added that “some of the nicest people [she’s] ever met ride here” and that “Lancers are so welcoming”.

She appreciates the dedicated care Lancer horses receive. Her favourite memories of Lancers are of the “lots of little moments when something clicks and she “gets” it”. She also loved her first time jumping!

Outside of riding, Wanda is an avid gardener. Wanda wanted to end this piece with gratitude. She is thankful for the Lancer horses; every time she rides them, they impress her with not just their skill, but their spirit.

We would like to thank you, Wanda, for always showing up to the barn with a big smile and endless enthusiasm!