Our featured horse of the month is Merlin!

Merlin is a relatively new addition to the barn as he has been with Lancers since September. He is a big, beautiful grey Frisian cross and is 12 years old. In the show ring, he is known as Excalibur after King Arthur’s famed sword. Merlin came to us with a lot of experience both in a riding school and away at horse shows so he fit right into Lancers. He has a big personality and can act very spooky at times though we suspect he is not really scared but just taking us for a ride (pun intended). Merlin can teach riders how to work with a spooky horse but more often than not, when the rider relaxes, so does he. He is also a great mount for all of our taller riders. Even though he was brand new to the barn, Merlin led our Musical ride at our Open House in the fall and we can expect to see him in the ride again this year. You can also see Merlin competing at our in-house shows as well as off-property shows where he will be competing in the jumper divisions! If you’re passing by Lancers, Merlin is sure to catch your eye with his impressive presence.

Janet Hawley