Our Featured Adult Rider of the Month is Kelsey Holt


With our recently implemented quarantine, these have been a difficult times for our stables. Now more than ever, we are grateful for the dedicated community that we have around us. We have decided to continue to celebrate our Friday features as a reminder of all the great things we have in our community and to keep up the Lancer spirit.


On that note, we are pleased to feature Kelsey Holt as our featured adult rider of the month. Although there is no family relation to Angie Holt, Kelsey has been riding with Angie since she was eleven years old. In more recent years, it became more difficult for her to keep up her riding since moving into the city and attending university. When Angie started back at Lancers, Kelsey soon followed suit. Kelsey is one of our J-riders and she is now in medical school! She very quickly integrated into the J-ride which has many riders who have been at Lancers since they were children. She concluded, "I love Lancers because it feels like a great big family of amazing horses and people. My very first time riding in the J1 ride made me feel like I had been there forever. Everyone was so helpful and kind".

In her “spare time”, she teaches swing dancing and is grateful to be able to fit in her once a week lesson at Lancers. Lancers provides her with the opportunity to ride quality horses and still fit it into her busy schedule. Kelsey loves to try out all the different horses in the barn and some of her favourites are Rupert and Rockette.


Kelsey loves to volunteer at Lancers whenever she can. Neatly and efficiently stacking hay and shavings are her specialty! She participated a lot in last year’s August clean-up and she also has first responder training so has acted as our first responder at our schooling shows. Above all, Kelsey is a wonderful person. It is a breath of fresh air to have her in the barn because she is always so helpful and pleasant. We look forward to watching her achieve her goal of becoming a medical doctor!