Our Featured Junior Rider for May is Chloe Cook!

Chloe with Bobbi

Chloe with Bobbi

Chloe has been riding for five years and has spent the last three years at Lancers. She is now in ride 6.

Chloe always shows her dedication to Lancers and helps out as a stable hand and as a volunteer for many of the activities and tasks at the barn. Chloe spends so much of her spare time here at the barn. All of our riders know they are welcome to spend as much time at the barn as they would like with the knowledge that they might be put to work while here. Chloe stands out in that she finds work to do and puts herself to work before ever being asked. She was even awarded “camper of the week” at our overnight Salmon River camp last year. This year she is a Lancers Pony Club member and is a spare in the Musical Ride. She is always an immense help on Tuesdays when she assists younger riders getting ready for their lessons!

Chloe’s favourite horse is Bobbi, although she loves vaulting on Inga! One of her favourite memories of Lancers is when she was jumping Rupert and was sure she would fall off but managed to stay on. When asked what her favourite part of Lancers is, Chloe explained, “the friendships with other riders and the bonding experiences with each horse”. She added, “there are not many places in Halifax where you can hang out with horses!”

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In the future, she wishes to be a vet, specialising in large animals. When she isn’t at the barn, she is looking after her pet fish and can be found showing her Australian Terrier (dog) at competitions!

Thank you, Chloe, for giving so much to Lancers. We are fortunate to have you!