Our Featured Adult Rider for April is Trilby Sylvain

Trilby is one of our newer members and joined Lancers last November. Starting out as a Western rider, she began riding at the age of ten and rode until she was about eighteen. What followed was a twenty-year break from riding. Like some of our other adult riders, we have been very happy to see Trilby get back in the saddle. She now enjoys riding with the Tuesday morning group and her favourite horse is Willow.

Trilby - April 2017.jpg

Despite her short time at Lancers, she has already volunteered as a phone tree parent. One of Trilby’s favourite memories of Lancers was her first day when Simba dragged her half way down the aisle for a bite of hay! Trilby isn’t the only one in her family who rides at Lancers as her daughter Callia and niece Grace are both in ride 11.

Trilby’s favourite part of Lancers is the sense of community at the barn. For her, Lancers is unique because having people of “all ages helping other ages is really neat”. In the future, Trilby looks forward to riding with her two children and two nieces! When not at the barn, Trilby enjoys running, activities with her children, and spending time at her cottage in King’s Head beach in New Glasgow.

Thanks, Trilby for always coming to the barn with a smile and for being a reminder that Lancers is a place for families! Here she is pictured with Bud, one of her daughter’s favourite horses.