Our Featured Horse for February is Inga!


Can you believe it?! While we celebrate Inga as our featured horse of the month, we also get to celebrate our one year anniversary of publishing weekly features! We hope you have enjoyed reading them as much as we have enjoyed writing them. Maybe we should dub them Friday feel-good features!


It is only natural that we celebrate our year of features by thinking of Inga and her great and varied service to Lancers over the past years. Inga has to be one of our most notable horses. From her striking looks to her stubborn character she is as unique as they come. She is a 15.2hh Norwegian Fjord cross. Her colour is called “grulla” and is part of the Dun family of colours. She is a mousey-grey with a dorsal stripe along her back and zebra stripes on her legs! She also has a big beautiful white snip on her nose.


Anyone who got their start at Lancers since Inga’s arrival almost seven years ago has had a turn on Inga. This is because Inga is safe, quiet, and unfazed by even the most unbalanced rider. She is the star of our summer camps and beginner courses, and especially for our Therapeutic lessons with H.A.L.T.R. She is very stocky and can handle even our Tallest adult riders, but is not so tall as to intimidate small children.


Inga’s character truly comes out when ridden in our more advanced rides though. While she happily will walk along the end of a lead rope with any number of different riders on her back, it’s a whole different story when we ask her to really work or exercise. She is a very clever horse, and no amount of force or even proper technique can make Inga move if she’s not motivated. Luckily we have plenty of riders who have bonded with Inga and who she will happily work hard for. Inga picks her favorite people and makes them feel like a star, because for others she refuses to even try. If Inga has not yet chosen you as one of “her people” and you find yourself riding her, be prepared to work harder than she does.


Inga is also fabulous when we introduce vaulting to our riders. Vaulting is essentially like gymnastics on the horse’s back, and while it’s not a core part of our programs, every camp kid gets a chance to give it a try! Most kids will get a chance to practice on occasion throughout the year as well, as it can be a great confidence builder and improve a rider’s balance.

Inga is a part of our Musical Ride, has been to many shows and spends a couple of hours every year giving pony rides to the public at our open house in October. For a stubborn horse she certainly has endless amounts of patience, particularly with young children. She may give us grief at times, but all the love that she inspires is well worth it. #featurefriday