Our Featured Horse of the Month is Giquau


GQ, known as Giquau, is one of our younger horses in the barn, born in 2011. He is a big lovable guy with an old soul and is a draft-cross. He came to us with a few quirks which have taken him some time to adjust to. We have always had to be very careful with sudden movements and flapping around his saddle. This is why we were so happy this year to be able to include him in our Musical Ride because we weren’t sure how he would be with carrying a lance. Much to our delight, he took to the task well and will fit in perfectly with the rest of the ride.

Giquau is short and stout in appearance but strong and mighty with the biggest, most ground covering stride in the barn. When we was first learning to jump, he knocked over far more jumps than he ever cleared but he was always willing to try and in good time, learned to get his feet out of the way and he is one of our scopier jumpers today.


Giquau is very sweet with a teddy bear personality. He is ridden by our more experienced riders, many of whom have gotten valuable lessons in horse training from him. He has recently started to make appearance in some of the intermediate rides as well and has handled it superbly. However, Giquau’s horse social skills aren’t that great and he is often seen standing alone in turn out but he certainly loves his human companions. He is very willing and powerful, but is also happy to take things slowly.

One of the advantages of having younger lesson horses in the barn is their longevity in the program. We look forward to working with Giquau for many more years to come!