Our Featured Horse of the Month is Chevy!


The first thing people will notice about Chevy is that he has, without a doubt, the sweetest face. Chevy is another one of our Clyde-crosses and he is eleven years old. He is bay with a star and a snip.

While his show name is Road Trip, his nickname among the kids is Brick. It suits him well because he can be tough to work with or get through to at times. But sooner or later, riders who persist with him will learn to mold that brick and inevitably fall for this very sweet natured horse. He really is very sweet! Furthermore, riders are sometimes taught to use the wall of an arena to reinforce their natural aids when the horse is not listening but Chevy has learned to use the wall to reinforce his will when his rider isn’t listening to him.


While he might not be the easiest horse to ride, he is quite bomb proof which is a great asset for a horse living in the city. While not much seems to bother Chevy, he does get very nervous every time the farrier visits. From the first day we had him, farrier visits have caused some anxiety in him and our farriers have worked out a special routine for him to help him feel more comfortable and he doesn’t even wear shoes!


Under the show name, Road trip, Chevy has competed in the hunter ring up to 2’9” and is a favourite amongst our adult riders for dressage work. He has been in the Musical Ride and most recently, at our Halloween show, he tied for first place in the jumper ring. Who knew he had such speed! 

Janet Hawley