Our Featured Horse of the Month is Bobbi!


Bobbi is our only liver chestnut in the barn. This means he has a dark brown coloured coat with a matching mane and tail. He was sired by a popular Nova Scotia stallion.

He came to us in 2014 as a seasoned school horse when Rolling Hills Stable in Wolfville was downsizing their lesson program. He was known there as Buddy but because we already had a Buddy in the barn at that time, we changed his name to Bobbi from which we derived his show name “Deniro”.

His previous owner tells some funny stories about Bobbi’s bombproof nature when they bought him as a three-year-old.  It came as a bit of surprised it came to us how easily he was rattled by big trucks when he first moved to the city. He quickly became accustomed to city life and has been a valuable part of our lesson program since.


He is used across the board from our summer camps, all the way to our advanced riding lessons.  He is also in our Musical Ride and performs quite well at all of our training shows. He is an extremely sweet and docile horse in the barn and can take a little bit extra work to get him motivated under saddle. But once he is motivated, he can be quite the firecracker. The kids who ride Bobbi at a horse show are always delighted to work with the extra excitement he has in the show ring. He is an excellent jumper and often wins the hunter classes at our training shows and Downtown Horse show.

Janet Hawley