Our Featured Horse of the Month is Rockette!


Rockette is a 15.2 Appendix Quarter horse born in 2008 and is named after the famed dancers because of her elegant movement. She arrived at Lancers two years ago and quickly became a barn favourite. Rockette has a wonderful character as she is very patient when being worked with in the barn. 

As an incredibly sweet mare, she is a pleasure to ride, being a little more sensitive and forward than the average lesson horse. She is forgiving but has high expectations of her rider. She is most valuable as a lesson horse in her ability to teach riders how to stay quiet with their aids and develop a sense of feel. This all certainly makes her a fabulous teacher!


Rockette is used in our intermediate rides for adults and juniors. This year, she joined the Musical Ride for the first time and fit in beautifully with the bays. Despite being a more forward horse, she is not at all spooky and we have even used her a number of times as a wonderful bareback mount.


Rockette came to us on a trade, and we later discovered that she has an old tendon injury which could flare up from time to time with over-exertion. After correctly diagnosing the issue, she has remained sound in our program by keeping jumping to a minimum. Despite this, she still gives so much. Sadly, however, we have made the decision to retire Rockette early to preserve her soundness. While she hasn’t left Lancers yet, we know she will be very deeply missed!