Our Featured Horse of the Month is Punkin!


Punkin came to us in 2003 and she is an adorable roan QH/Appaloosa pony. She has a stout body and short, skinny little legs and some of our young riders say “it looks like she has orange spots on her”. Her show name is Point Taken. While Punkin spent many years in her youth being one of our top show ponies, she now spends her days taking care of beginner riders. Both kids and adults enjoy riding Punkin and she is much beloved in our camp program and our beginner courses. She is best known for her extremely smooth trot and a speedy canter and there’s always a fight over Punkin for a bareback class at a training show. She always ends up with some of the most elaborate Halloween costumes because of her unflappable nature! There are few things that even in her later years that Punkin continues to get excited about. One of them is anytime she gets to spend time on trails, like during our Salmon River camp, as well as when it is time to canter in the Musical Ride. Punkin is one of our most valued HALTR horses and has helped many people over the years with special needs improve their strength, co-ordination, and confidence. She acts as a reminder to everybody that even the safest of horses can occasionally nip their riders! We have been very fortunate to have Punkin in our Lancer team for so many years!

features, horseJanet Hawley