Bella is our Featured Horse of the Month


Bella was born in 2004 and is a 15.1hh registered Paint mare. She came to us in the spring of 2017 with little known about her background. We did know that she had little to-no English riding experience and most of her riding had likely been done on trails. She does have a brand on her bum which leads us to think she was at a cattle ranch at some point. We were not sure how well she would fit into the program but had agreed to try her because we were in need of another horse. It didn’t take long for Bella to steal our hearts. Despite being green, her kind disposition and willingness to learn made her a quick favourite.  She is now used in all levels of rides from adults to beginners and is in training for our therapeutic riding program. She enjoys our beginner summer camp and likes children! She is also great on trails at Salmon River camp. Bella loves to be groomed and often falls asleep while on cross ties. She has learned how to jump since coming to Lancers and has competed in many training shows and even some off-property horse shows. She is even in the Musical Ride which means we finally have a Musical Ride partner for Rainy. Her and Rainy are also always a favourite in the pairs class at our annual Halloween show. Look out for Bella this summer in the show ring!

Janet Hawley