Lancers offers an adult beginner course for men and women over 18 with little to no experience in horseback riding. The course is twelve weeks long and offers a one hour class once a week. The beginner course usually occurs once a year in September. The course is covers the fundamentals of walk, trot, tacking up and down and grooming.

Each rider will learn to tack up and groom their own horse, but will share horses until the full ride has become sufficiently independent to prepare their own horses. After the ride, each rider is responsible for having his or her horse cooled out properly and all equipment returned to its appropriate spot.

Enrollment is limited to eight people in the beginner class and will occur on a first come first served basis. The next adult beginner course will run when spaces becomes available in our schedule. Please email to be added to the wait list. 



ASTM approved helmets are required. Boots with a hard sole and a half-inch heel as well as a comfortable pair of long pants are required for comfort and safety.


  • Beginner Course - $500 (12 week term; one lesson/week)
  • Membership - $180/month (11 month term; one lesson/week)
  • Prices include HST


The Adult Membership Program is available to riders over 18 years old with previous riding experience obtained at another facility or from the Lancer Adult Beginner Program.  

The program is 11 months in duration with either one or two lessons per week from September to July.  It is possible to join throughout the year, if there is space available. Classes are organized by age and ability so that riders at the same skill level ride together. 

Riders need to be in the stable one half hour ahead of the ride time and will be in the stable at least one half hour after the ride.



When I bestride him I soar, I am a hawk. He trots the air, the earth sings when he touches it.
— William Shakespeare